Inside Donald and Melania Trump’s Manhattan Apartment Mansion

Take a look inside Donald Trump’s opulent Manhattan Penthouse. Located at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, Donald and Melania Trump live on the top three floors of this grand penthouse with breathtaking views of Central Park and Manhattan.

The Trump apartment, decorated in 24K gold and marble, was designed by Angelo Donghia in Louis XIV style.

The stunning penthouse apartment is the epitome of elegance and perfection.







Via: Refinery29

14 comments to Inside Donald and Melania Trump’s Manhattan Apartment Mansion

  • Janet Smith

    Don't like Donald's house not creative enough for me plain Jane with all of that horrible cream and gold. No feelings in here just surface with no depth. Money talking

  • Maxime Callais

    Oh god this is ugly.
    Have they ever visited Versailles?!

  • Love everything Trump great taste and opulent style which few can carry off well Trump can and does. Would like to see The Trump Organization expand into new genre's of revenue streams and have real estate as one component. Media Entertainment would be a great fit as the entire family has presence great for Film, TV – a network would be potentially something to look into as well as taking the time to review possible options in terms of revenue streams for the Organization.

  • I just can't see a toddler playing there. I wonder what the poor people would think about all that glider.

  • Javier Avalos

    Meanwhile in Haiti.

  • Her name is pronounced "Mel … EEE … na" — like melaena, the Latin term blood in the stool. I imagine that living with the bald egomaniac Donald must be like having a broken beer bottle shoved up one's rectum. Fancy having all that money but absolutely no sense of taste or style.

  • Marc Wigle

    All that money…still no taste. That is one ugly place. Hate to be nasty but, how much work has been done to Mel's face… looks tight as hell.

  • C Lundy Reed

    Um… this is the one of the best examples of "noveau riche decorating" that I have seen in many years. Until now, I thought the dubious Joan Rivers had the best example of an apartment decorated by those with unlimited funds and very limited taste, but the Trump pied a terre takes the overdecorated cake for tacky over the top foo foo! Speaking of tacky over the top foo foo, the current Mrs. Trump certainly looks at home in their little spiffy take on, I guess, Versailles.

  • No $$$ in the world can buy her a smile, or is it the serious facelift/botox- She looks plastic, cold, no expression or feelings …YUK! Still women will do anything to not have to work or struggle…but on the other hand it beats working from paycheck to paycheck, or not knowing whether to pay your bills or buy groceries-you just have to put up with an arrogant @$$ and pretend you love him. The place looks over the top too gaudy…for all the $$$ he spent he could have supported and fed a country…get real how self-absorbed/serving…not impressed at all..and let's hope an earthquake does not hit the big apple, I hope they have wings ha, ha,ha…what they don't? LOL

  • Mike Hard

    she has a hard look now
    Time to trade-in for a newer model

  • Tina Martina

    Another proof that you can't buy taste.

  • Really you thought she was beautiful. I thought she looked cold as ice.

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